Friday, May 19, 2017

Realpoints Price News

Today’s day starts with a great breaking news about bitcoin reaching a whopping $1900. And what we are looking is another growth of $100 for it to double its price in 2017.

Talking about the revolutionary bitcoin reminds me of an evolutionary coin – RealPointCoin (RPT coin) a unique ALT coin with its features and benefits similar to bitcoin.

The price then and now.

As any other crypto currency RPT coin also started with deeming low price and today it has reached to a substantial growth of €0.27
I am sure you have heard the story of “Hare and Tortoise”
 what happens at the end? Who wins? And what is the moral of the story? “Slow and Steady Wins the Race.”
That is Exactly the story of RPT coin, the price will slowly and gradually increase. Not forgetting the life span of Tortoise.

Future of Realpoints

Realpoints in my point of view will have a good future, just like other alt coins the price will substantially increase.
Realpoints on the other hand has various plans to develop and grow RPT. In other words, bring value to the coins.

Value will Create Demand and demand will increase Price.

So, Trade with RPT coin – A future Rich Cryptocurrency.

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