Saturday, May 20, 2017

COINXPRO - Webinar

We see a lot of exchange sites, especially crypto exchange sites, but at times it gets difficult to understand them. We surf the internet yet are not satisfied by the answers. We do our own research and only at times it helps.

But for all those who are new traders or others who don’t really understand what and how it works, here is a webinar on coinxpro for you. Our very own expert Drazen Perendic will teach you all the basics and will clear out all your doubts.

It is really a rare case where we find someone coming forward and explaining it to people. And we do so is because we care for our people, we want our people to grow and we want to tell them we are there for them.

Coinxpro is a unique Crypto exchange site. So, do not miss the change to understand and ask your questions.

Few hours left, we are Ready, Are you?

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