Saturday, April 29, 2017

Realpoint Coin – The Real Cryptocurrency

With the fear in people’s mind whether or not to go for cryptocurrency because of the news that broke out saying that many were arrested in India due to an involvement in cryptocurrency.

I have been receiving many calls and emails from my people in India as to what is going to happen and why has this happened.
Well, relax and understand the news properly. Those who were arrested were carrying out business in a wrongful manner. They say they are a cryptocurrency company but they are not really one as they do not give their clients real cryptocurrency. They strictly follow the MLM strategy and misguide people about cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has been in India since many years and one of the trusted source through which this cryptocurrency is known to people is ZebPay. Think now why has the police not arrested their owners. It’s simple coz they do not misguide people. With such Ponzi schemes of a self-acclaimed cryptocurrency where people are not getting their promised commissions and the company is not delivering what has been promised to its people, the company has no future and you are seeing it yourself how the name of the company is getting spoiled and is being banned from many countries.
Talking about Realpoints, the company aims in bringing value to its coins. In a candid discussion with the C.E.O. he explained why one should prefer realpointcoin.
He says, ‘The company runs for the people and by the people, till date we have kept all our clients happy. We have also always answered their questions. We value their investment and interest towards our company hence, we believe bringing value to our crypto coins will eventually give them value. Yes, now our momentum is little slow as we are developing various beneficial plans for them but believe me these plans will add more value to coins, it will create a demand in the market and will be visible to all. I have kept everything transparent so far and we are always open for ideas. It is just trust I am asking my people to have on our company, A trust which people had when they purchased bitcoin in those old days. That was a revolution and we are an evolution from that revolution. With regards to the law issues, we recently had our events in India and nobody objected as we were not doing any wrongful business. So, my people have nothing to worry about. Very soon we will be reaching heights. The future projections and plans are very realistic. Soon we will be called as one of the best Alt coin.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


When you hear cryptocurrency what strikes is Bitcoin. As for me when I hear Bitcoin all I see is money, something that everyone desires.
Well for bitcoin users I don’t feel the dream for being a millionaire or a billionaire is a dream anymore. Time has proven that value creates demands and the demand for bitcoin is in abundance but supply is less which makes the price to go high. Believe me everyone wishes to have purchased bitcoin in it early times. Now this revolution which created history cost’s you a bomb.
Do you feel you have missed the chance to earn in cryptocurrency?
what if you get a chance to acquire some coins which has the ability to give you the same benefits as what bitcoin is giving you right now.
Well let’s not beat around the bush, I am here to tell you about a new innovation derived from a revolution, Realpoints – The Best Of Its Kind.
Keeping in mind the concept DR. Alanki Murali Krishna came up with a similar strategy to have a coin which works same as what bitcoin does i.e. to send, receive and store and whose value will increase as time passes by. The value of any crypto-coin is increased by its users and by the market, and Realpoints has emerged in the market just three months ago (01/01/2017), not bragging but has acquired the hearts of 14000+ in more than 130+ countries, well that definitely is a good number for a company in such a short span of time.
With future rich concept the company calls out it’s coin as Realpointcoint (RPT coin) and can be divide into two segments Investment & Income just like two sides of the same coin however you toss it favours you.

The company Realpoints calls itself an academy because it teaches you various aspects of cryptocurrency and also provides you services in terms of mining for you. The company has various packages to offer you and each package has some exciting features which helps you to double and triple your initial investment as to maximize your profit. The monetary value of the coin increases as the number of users start using these coins for trading. And with Realpoints one gets this opportunity to trade in the open market.
Yes, unlike other cryptocurrencies which promises you to enter in the open market perhaps when you have your grandchildren, Realpoints stands out different and says ‘we live today and let’s trade today.’ With having its presence in the external market and coin market cap it delivers what it has promised to its people. Most importantly it claims no ownership of your coins which means you are free to trade your coins as you wish to.

so here’s a chance for you to exchange your own cryptocurrency with other cryptocurrencies or fiat currency for that matter.

Every Child grows, like-wise every good investment also grows as time passes by. No promises made of surpassing the price of bitcoin, but yes RPT coin holds its own projection and believes in it strongly. These projects are based on the coins in the crypto world’s performance. Never the less you will never be disappointed with your returns instead hold a bright smile.
You feel I have said enough? Not yet, there’s lot more to it. A gateway of opportunities.
When the word talks about Artificial Intelligence, let’s pay a heed to the power of cryptocurrency and change our lives.

Is Cryptocurrency just about Bitcoin?

See what the industry experts have to say about Alt coins.

Neil Peters
Founder at CrowdBucks
A currency needs to grow with the people, not past them.
Look at the state of Bitcoin and its inflated prices. The everyday person can no longer either mine the coin or expect to use the coin in everyday transactions without high fees or risk. It has been given up to the speculators. Whether people hoard coins in the hope that prices will rise sharply soon, or they avoid using them altogether for fear that they will lose all of their value, people are not yet accustomed to seeing cryptocurrency as real money.
Cryptocurrencies are not just bitcoin any longer. In the future different currencies will be used for different things. There are so many to choose from now. For example: Perhaps buying a house you will do with ETHER or BTC. Or buying hemp will be bought with MarijuanaCoin. Maybe buying bread will be with LTC where ever you are in the world or RPT Coin (Realpointcoin) for your insurance.

Drazen Perendic
BDM- Realpoints
Talking about alt coins, Realpoints have paved its way into the market by challenging many other coins. Never the less it will take time to capture the market but with its transparency and future visions it won’t take much time. The power of alt coins will be witnessed by all those who believe in it.

The role of Realpoints.

Craig Buck (BDM- IND)
Every other coin apart of bitcoin is known as alt coin, but every other coin apart from bitcoin does not have such future visions. The best part about realpoints is that it aims to take the value of the coin high. At the end, it is the value that will create demand in the market just like bitcoin.

Realpoints have not only stood on its word of delivering its coins and entering into the exchange listings but also have shown its concern towards its people by answering their questions personally and giving them offers to earn good.
It has proved a gateway for many to enter into the cryptocurrency industry. All those earlier with no knowledge in this industry are now market leaders.
The process is quite simple and easy to understand and definitely gives you value for your investment. Not only so it lets you start with zero investment and allows you to upgrade with the income you make through referrals.
That’s just not enough about Realpoints, there’s much more.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Blockchain for Facts

Here’s how it works: After one group of people joins a prediction market and bets on an outcome, Augur pays others to identify that outcome—to verify what happened. But it doesn’t just pay them a flat fee. On its blockchain, Augur houses its own cryptocurrency, a digital token that encourages people to get things right. “If you’re not telling the truth, you stand to lose a bunch of money,” Krug says.
Augur calls its digital token the Rep. This cryptocurrency doesn’t let you buy and sell stuff. It tracks your reputation—that is, how often you tell the truth. People bet their Rep tokens that they are indeed telling the truth—reporting the facts as they actually are. If most others agree, the system returns their tokens and pays them in cash. It’s a way of aligning everyone’s aims in the same direction, the sort of arrangement that so often characterizes the new breed of business built atop a blockchain. Because it’s tied to real money, the Rep token ensures that everyone is pulling in the same direction—toward the truth.

There’s always the risk that the majority will deny the facts, somehow overriding the monetary incentive. Enormous bribes could be a problem, for instance. “There may be cases where you benefit by cheating,” says Miller. “If everyone goes toward the truth, you have an incentive to go along with the truth. But if everyone deviates from the truth, there is incentive to deviate.” Still, many people seem to have faith in the idea. The Rep now enjoys a $89 million market cap, up from $50 million at the end of February.

Ultimately, Krug hopes to create a service that feeds more than just prediction markets. Augur’s reporting engine, he believes, could serve as the foundation for other applications that rely on real-world data. As he explains, it could help automate any financial contract, from options and derivatives to insurance contracts and credit default swaps. Should you be paid because a company defaulted on its debt? Check the Augur blockchain to see if the company really did.

If Augur gains true scale, other possibilities arise. If, say, Trump’s national security adviser steps down and Augur’s Rep-funded “reporters” verify his resignation, that fact gets burned into a blockchain. Any application can then make use of this digital fact, from Wikipedia to Facebook to Google search results. In an age when fake news bounces around Facebook’s echo chambers and presidential tweets see no difference between online hoaxes and the careful reporting of the New York Times, the possibility of creating a digital market for facts becomes a powerful idea.

Like so many ideas that bubble up from the world of bitcoin, the concepts behind Augur are both strange and perhaps overly optimistic. The instability of the Ethereum tokens that people use to make bets on these markets could undermine their accuracy, says David Rothchild, a researcher at Microsoft. And the Augur reporting engine, lacking a critical mass of participants, remains unproven. But in an age when so many people feel so unsure about not just the future but the facts in the present, such big ideas are at least worth a try.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Encryption in Simple

Mia a naughty young girl who’s been grounded for a week. She wants to sneak out for desert with her friends but obviously can’t let her dad know about it. She’s not allowed to use her cellphone, so the only way for her to call her friends is using the good old landline in her dad’s room.
Since she regularly gets grounded, she and her friends have worked out a simple system for sharing secrets. When she says, “have you read the book I told you about” she actually means “let’s sneak out tonight”. When she says something about “page 10” of the book, she means “pick me up at 10 pm”. Continuing the logic, page 11 would mean 11 pm and so on.
So on the phone she asks her friend “Have you read the book I told you about? Page 12 is really funny”, she means, “Let’s sneak out tonight, pick me up at midnight”.
What we have just seen is cryptography (and a rebellious teenager) in action in the real world.

The sentence “Let’s sneak out tonight, pick me up at midnight” is plain text – what Mia actually wants to convey. The sentence “Have you read the book I told you about? Page 12 is really funny" is the cipher text – something that an adversary (her dad in this case) should not be able to understand.

Encryption is the process of converting plain text to cipher text. The reverse process is decryption

This science of encrypting and decrypting messages (cryptography) has been used for thousands of years. It is believed that when Julius Caesar sent messages to his generals, he replaced every A in his messages with a D, every B with an E, and so on through the alphabet. Only someone who knew the “shift by 3” rule could decipher his messages.

For example, if we want to encode the word “SECRET” using Caesar’s key value of 3, we offset the alphabet so that the 3rd letter down, (D), begins the alphabet.
and sliding everything up by 3, you get
 where D=A, E=B, F=C, and so on.

Using this scheme, the plaintext, “SECRET” encrypts as “VHFUHW”. To allow someone else to read the cipher text, you tell him or her that the key is 3. This method is called symmetric cryptography and involves using the same key for encrypting as well as decrypting a message. This naturally poses a serious problem – what if an adversary gets hold of this key? At some point of time the sender and receiver need to exchange the key. That’s when an adversary could get hold of the key. In modern cryptography, keys are really large numbers.

The secure-key-exchange problem was solved with the birth of asymmetric key cryptography – in which two different but related keys are used - the public key to encrypt data and the corresponding private key to decrypt the data. If Mia were to send an encrypted message to Karan, she would encrypt the message using his public key (which is available to the world). Once encrypted, the message can only be decrypted using Karan’s private key (which would only be available to Karan).