Saturday, April 29, 2017

Realpoint Coin – The Real Cryptocurrency

With the fear in people’s mind whether or not to go for cryptocurrency because of the news that broke out saying that many were arrested in India due to an involvement in cryptocurrency.

I have been receiving many calls and emails from my people in India as to what is going to happen and why has this happened.
Well, relax and understand the news properly. Those who were arrested were carrying out business in a wrongful manner. They say they are a cryptocurrency company but they are not really one as they do not give their clients real cryptocurrency. They strictly follow the MLM strategy and misguide people about cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has been in India since many years and one of the trusted source through which this cryptocurrency is known to people is ZebPay. Think now why has the police not arrested their owners. It’s simple coz they do not misguide people. With such Ponzi schemes of a self-acclaimed cryptocurrency where people are not getting their promised commissions and the company is not delivering what has been promised to its people, the company has no future and you are seeing it yourself how the name of the company is getting spoiled and is being banned from many countries.
Talking about Realpoints, the company aims in bringing value to its coins. In a candid discussion with the C.E.O. he explained why one should prefer realpointcoin.
He says, ‘The company runs for the people and by the people, till date we have kept all our clients happy. We have also always answered their questions. We value their investment and interest towards our company hence, we believe bringing value to our crypto coins will eventually give them value. Yes, now our momentum is little slow as we are developing various beneficial plans for them but believe me these plans will add more value to coins, it will create a demand in the market and will be visible to all. I have kept everything transparent so far and we are always open for ideas. It is just trust I am asking my people to have on our company, A trust which people had when they purchased bitcoin in those old days. That was a revolution and we are an evolution from that revolution. With regards to the law issues, we recently had our events in India and nobody objected as we were not doing any wrongful business. So, my people have nothing to worry about. Very soon we will be reaching heights. The future projections and plans are very realistic. Soon we will be called as one of the best Alt coin.

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