Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Is Cryptocurrency just about Bitcoin?

See what the industry experts have to say about Alt coins.

Neil Peters
Founder at CrowdBucks
A currency needs to grow with the people, not past them.
Look at the state of Bitcoin and its inflated prices. The everyday person can no longer either mine the coin or expect to use the coin in everyday transactions without high fees or risk. It has been given up to the speculators. Whether people hoard coins in the hope that prices will rise sharply soon, or they avoid using them altogether for fear that they will lose all of their value, people are not yet accustomed to seeing cryptocurrency as real money.
Cryptocurrencies are not just bitcoin any longer. In the future different currencies will be used for different things. There are so many to choose from now. For example: Perhaps buying a house you will do with ETHER or BTC. Or buying hemp will be bought with MarijuanaCoin. Maybe buying bread will be with LTC where ever you are in the world or RPT Coin (Realpointcoin) for your insurance.

Drazen Perendic
BDM- Realpoints
Talking about alt coins, Realpoints have paved its way into the market by challenging many other coins. Never the less it will take time to capture the market but with its transparency and future visions it won’t take much time. The power of alt coins will be witnessed by all those who believe in it.

The role of Realpoints.

Craig Buck (BDM- IND)
Every other coin apart of bitcoin is known as alt coin, but every other coin apart from bitcoin does not have such future visions. The best part about realpoints is that it aims to take the value of the coin high. At the end, it is the value that will create demand in the market just like bitcoin.

Realpoints have not only stood on its word of delivering its coins and entering into the exchange listings but also have shown its concern towards its people by answering their questions personally and giving them offers to earn good.
It has proved a gateway for many to enter into the cryptocurrency industry. All those earlier with no knowledge in this industry are now market leaders.
The process is quite simple and easy to understand and definitely gives you value for your investment. Not only so it lets you start with zero investment and allows you to upgrade with the income you make through referrals.
That’s just not enough about Realpoints, there’s much more.

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