Tuesday, June 6, 2017

What are the ways we can promote the company and the coin, how to motivate the new and old members? And why the price has dropped so much?

Today I received one question which was saying: “What are the ways we can promote the company and the coin, how to motivate the new and old members? And why the price has dropped so much?”

This was my answer but I just wanted to share it to everyone else who has same questions so you can understand few things before making any moves.

“I will try to answer all of your questions and if you have any doubts please get back to me.

First of all we are aware of lack of motivation for our members and we are trying our best to change that. Most important thing to understand is that our company all this month’s was working on the product itself, which is the RPT coin, we had to make our wallets better, our blockchain more secured and our servers more stable so we don’t face any issues in the future. In 6 months we successfully created one cryptocurrency which is 100% REAL and open to people. One OPEN source cryptocurrency just like Bitcoin is, Litecoin, Dashcoin and other big coins. To have one fully working blockchain for our coin for us is a big success because we managed to do it in just few months what other companies are trying now 2-3 years. Also we go to Public Exchange . 

Now time to create demand. We are currently developing merchant site where you will be able to buy many kind of products using money + RPT coins, we are on negotiations with Forex companies so they start trading our Coins also but for this kind of deal we need more members and this is what we are concentrated on now. To bring new fresh members and re-ignite the flame of old members to be part of one hopefully successful story. Yes, of course we want to make profit from our  investment, but also we want people to use cryptocurrencies, for shopping, for traveling, for eating and many more things. Whats the point of entering cryptocurrencies (which were created so you Avoid banks and governments) to make profits which you need to go and put in bank again and pay tax for them, what did you achieve? Nothing. So yes we have many plans for this year which will help our Coin Value grow but without you, the people, our members we cannot achieve something.

If we will talk about the Price level of RPT... Let me remind you that Bitcoin was stuck for 2+ years on price of 0,20cent, Litecoin now is stuck on one price for months now.. So its not only us. Profits in Cryptocurrencies are coming in lately, the important thing is to create the demand and use of the Coin.

Have Faith in RealPoints, say Yes to RealPoints and take this journey with us.

Best Regards, 
Drazen Perendic

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