Thursday, June 29, 2017

Realpoints – The next Alt Coin!!

Between the chaotic situation of bitcoin and etherum, Here’s what one should pay attention at..

National Bank of Abu Dhabi Adopts Ripple Cryptocurrency Software

Although it is often overlooked by investors more eager to focus on Bitcoin and Ethereum, Ripple has several factors in its favor in comparison with the rest of the cryptocurrency field. The currency, now sporting the third-largest market capitalization in the industry, is designed for seamless transactions which can be settled by banks in real time. The result is that transaction fees can be kept down for both banks and individual customers. Considering that long transaction settlement times and unstable fees have been two of the largest barriers to cryptocurrencies generally breaking into the broader financial world, Ripple seems poised to become a favorite among financial institutions. Now, the National Bank of Abu Dhabi has announced its adoption of the Ripple protocol for some of its transactions. Will this be the impetus that Ripple needs to garner more attention around the world?

-         Investopedia

  • This is what most of us miss; we tend to follow the crowd.
  • It is these coins with small value now that will be huge one day.
  • The same is the case with RPT, A Cryptocoin with huge potential and better future.
  • A coin with strong blockchain and Great Usability.
  • A coin that follows bitcoin stratergy and soon one day be like it in all terms.
  • A coin for all.
  • So be wise and Don’t miss out the chance.

Remember this an opportunity for you, for your better future, grab it and make most use of it.

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