Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Cryptocurrency Growth is on You..

The title of this article enlightens very important point and a good question, who is suppose to grow?
And the simple answer to it is ‘You’.

Now putting the situation of Bitcoin in front with just a pseudonym that created it, how has it grown? Is there a company behind that owns it and is responsible for its growth?
-         No, it is because of people like us who want to grow.
There are people who want to grow bitcoin and make it usable; there are people who want to trade with bitcoin.
And if any cryptocurrency grows its only because people want it to grow.
The same is the case with RealPointCoin.
It is not the Price right now that is important but it is the growth that is important. Realpoints is constantly working on its growth phase. The more it grows the better value the coin will have.
What can you do? – Think and Act.
A lot of people rely just on the company to grow or the coin to grow itself on its own where as there are others who just think and do nothing about it.
Do not be like those, Act upon and make things profitable for you. You own a cryptocurrency? Good now you are an entrepreneur and cryptocurency is your product. Start branding and make it grow.
Each and every cryptocoin you have, counts..
Do it before others and it is better to live in profit than in regret.
Let’s grow cryptocurrency.. Let’s grow RPT..
Say Yes to Realpoints – ‘The Best of its Kind’.

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