Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Are Cryptocurrency and Businesses a Match Made in Heaven?

I wouldn’t like to be the first to tell you how to conduct your business, but cryptocurrencies are changing the way we transact off and online. With more than 100000 organizations already accepting cryptocurrency payments as of last year and that number rapidly burgeoning, entrepreneurs and business owners cannot afford to ignore its implication anymore.  
In this article, let’s look at top reasons why accepting major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Real Point coin is a smart move for your business.
Incredibly Favorable Transaction Fees

In today’s cut-throat business environment, any payment option that promises to reduce cost is more than a welcome change. So, if you are looking to ditch hefty transaction fees associated with the processing of credit and debit cards, you’ll certainly love RPT coin option. It’s much more convenient, and the transaction costs are ridiculously low. As if that isn’t fabulous enough, the currency exchange is ideal for small businesses looking to get a foothold online as accepting Real Point coin will do wonders for their bottom line.

Get Paid Instantly
Let’s face it; getting paid promptly is crucial for both small and blue-chip companies. Of course, small businesses rely on prompt invoice payments to stay afloat and sustain a healthy cash flow. Real Point coin payments occur instantly, so the value currency is in your e-wallet and ready for use the moment the payment is received. There are no delays or settlement periods, allowing your business to maintain a positive bookkeeping.
The other advantage is that once your client’s RPT coin is received, the digital transfer of the currency is done-deal.

It’s secure and free from Fraud
Most businesses are skeptical about most online payment modes because they tend to attract a flurry of hackers and fraudsters. With RPT coin, that’s a thing of the past. That’s right; you don’t have to worry about online theft and fraud as well as holding an enormous amount of physical cash. The science behind cryptocurrency is actually pretty straightforward. Your funds (or data) are actually locked in a public file key that’s encrypted using top-notch cryptography system. This way, it’s only you who can actually access and send the coin; even if your computer is stolen no one will touch your RPT funds. It’s so secure that some industry experts have equated the security of cryptocurrency to that of Fort Knox US Military Base. Well, cryptocurrency technology is probably a million times more secure. The magic of big numbers and crypto-tech behind it makes RPT coin utterly impregnable.

No Chargebacks – Yay!
Nothing makes business owners happier than avoiding chargebacks. That is the de facto advantage of accepting RPT coin and other cryptocurrencies. One core feature of this decentralized currency is that it’s completely irreversible. Once the digital value has been transferred, no one can reverse it. And when I say nobody, I mean NO body. Not even the president of the free world can do it. Impressive, right? Reversible or irreversible, credit card chargebacks always cause insurmountable headaches for businesses.

Go Global – Accept Payments Worldwide

Most businesses, especially small and medium size enterprises, cringe even at the thought of receiving international payments. Why? The cross-border processing fees are sometimes too expensive. With Real Points coin or Bitcoin, you don’t have to worry about that because they come with much lower transaction surcharges. 
Spruce Up Customer Satisfaction
RPT coin and other cryptocurrencies are fast gaining traction with the masses. Much like master and visa cards a few decades ago, crypto is the future of payment. So, accepting RPT coin as a mode of payment will certainly lead to upped levels of customer satisfaction among the folks that have already embraced cryptocurrency technology. Your clients and customers will also enjoy the added layer of privacy and protection from identity theft and fraud.  

Learning More about Cryptocurrency and Cryptocurrency Technology
While incorporating RPT coin payment to your business is an easy affair, understanding the mechanism behind the technology is a different story. If you are curious to know more than the usual noise about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, you might want to enroll in Real Points Academy – an online course that’s your best shot at understanding all things cryptocurrency and related finance.

Real Point Academy is not just about accepting RPT or Bitcoin payment; it offers you an opportunity to know the most reliable way of turning profits from cryptocurrencies. The high-quality educational package takes you through 5 rigorous levels, including 15 detailed session by session learning chapters.
As if that isn’t fantastic enough, enrolled members get free splits, with a chance to double the value of their funds. As it is, Real Point Academy allows members to mine and exchange RPT Coin. There’s also a great support team ready to help 24/7.

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